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Create a profitable online business.

Hey! It’s Dave from Profitable Tools.

I create courses about software like WordPress, Ghost, & Mautic so people like you can feel confident managing your website, online store, membership site, or course business.

Why? Because learning these tools is a disaster.

Are you tired of:

Incomplete & out-of-date YouTube tutorials.

Hard to understand instructors that take forever to make a point.

Assumptions about what you “should” already know.

Wasting time trying the latest tools that marketers claim you need.

There is a better way ↓

Clear & concise training to learn the software you need.

Launch your new site, fire your expensive (and underperforming) agency, and take control of your future.

You can trust me, but if you don’t…

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Learn The Platform For The Creator Economy

Build your content business on the platform that puts you and your content front and center.

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Open Source (Just like WordPress)

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